Hi everyone, 

So the season 4 is finally here and I (Cynthia) am going to try to update more often. (Lily currently is photoshop less, we miss her here!) If you have any request feel free to go to the ask and request a season/episode we may have missed … or just want more of! 

Hi! :)

We have been getting several messages about the lack of screencaps lately. As we have addressed in previous posts, I(Lilly) currently do not have a copy of Photoshop available to edit screencaps. I lost everything when my old computer crashed. My co-owner(Cynthia) and I are very busy as well with work so we have less time than usual. The show is currently on a break for the summer so there are no new caps as of yet.  Pls bare with us until the show comes back on or until I(Lilly) can find a nice safe copy of Photoshop. :) You guys are amazing and we love all of you! Thank you for being so patient and understanding of this! :)

(sorry if you see this on our other blogs, it is just easier to post it for every blog so everyone can see it!)